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Product Details:

Publisher: Ebury Digital (April 24, 2012)

Pages: 192 pages

Language: English

ISBN-10: B007Q2830Y

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Book Description:

In Baby-led Weaning , leading health visitor Gill Rapley and journalist and mum Tracey Murkett introduced parents to a common sense, easy and enjoyable approach to feeding your child, allowing your baby to join in with family meals right from the start of the weaning process. Now The Baby-led Weaning Cookbook offers comprehensive recipes and meal plans to follow so the entire family can take part in making your child a happy and confident eater. Full of healthy, delicious meals the whole family will enjoy, and beautifully illustrated throughout, The Baby-led Weaning Cookbook also includes: – simple advice on how to start weaning – essential at-a-glance information on nutrition and food safety – recipes for desserts and family dinners, as well as ideas for quick snacks and lunch boxes – anecdotes and quotes from parents The Baby-led Weaning Cookbook will give parents the confidence to create exciting and enjoyable mealtimes, allowing their baby to develop his skills as he progresses with food.

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